Working with Architects & Contractors

Let Stacey Music Systems handle your sound installation!

Professional Music Equipment Kent UKDESIGN
We can design a system direct from architect's plans or from a site visit. We will also discuss all your requirements and what you expect to achieve from the system. Whether a major retail store, or a smaller project, we can tailor design a system to meet your needs.

Where the system is to be installed into new or refitted premises, we would attend the site whilst building works are being carried out to ensure cabling is installed at the correct time. When the project is near completion we will install speakers and equipment, etc. We can also carry out staff training and provide a user handbook, containing instructions and diagrams, etc. At this stage we would also carry out a full commission to the system.

Where a business is already operating, we can work at times to minimise inconvenience.
Once the system is installed we will be there to ensure you get the very best care and attention to your system. Our help desk is always on hand, should our customers require us.


These are some of our design solutions:

We would normally utilize a low impedance speaker system, where quality is of the essence, where quality is not such an issue we can also provide 100 Volt Line systems, which are ideal for public address systems etc.

We can provide many different styles and types of speaker enclosures, -discreet flush - mounted ceiling speakers, wall - mounted speakers and bass enclosures to enhance the atmosphere. Whichever best suits your project we will advise accordingly and samples can be made available.

Different zones can be available, e.g. in a clothing retailer where separate volume controls would be available between changing and retail areas or in Bar / Restaurant premises where the restaurant and vibrant bar zones would require different volume controls either in the designated sections or from a main central position.